Leicestershire Police Force Case Study

  • Jul 27, 2017

Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Project

Leicestershire Police Force's decision to implement a new finance system was centred around one key requirement. They wanted to have the capacity and capability to drive out efficiencies from the procurement / finance teams through automated workflow functions and document management.

After a tender process, Leicestershire Police awarded the contract to Integra Associates, enlisting our expertise for the implementation of a new financial management system that included

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Planner

    How Integra Helped

    The project was delivered on time and under-budget, while the project objectives that were identified in the business case were met.

    The project was undertaken on an ‘assisted build’ basis, which meant that Leicestershire Police Force staff undertook the live build of the new system. This means an approach focused on knowledge transfer from our consultants to force staff was needed, with the aim being to foster self-reliance.

    The approach for the project was to use a structured implementation methodology, using the Integra Structured Implementation Methodology (ISIM). This is a proven methodology, based on best practices, that Integra have used successfully with a number of other clients. It's construction is based upon a structured ‘waterfall’ approach, with defined stages and identified deliverables, underpinned by ownership and authorisation.

    Based on the 'Lessons Learnt' survey, conducted at project closure, the Leicestershire Police Force project team and Project Board thought...

    • The project approach worked very well at all stages of the lifecycle
    • The Integra consultants integrated very well with the project team
    • Test issues/faults found were effectively managed and resolved
    • There was a seamless transition from the incumbent Sage Line 500 to the new Unit4 Business World (Agresso) system

    “The Integra consultants were excellent in providing a detailed project structure, including tasks that needed to be completed during each stage of the system implementation and the key milestones that should be strived to.

    The ‘assisted build’ approach has resulted in a system tailored to our needs, while the accountancy staff also possess the skills required to manage the system on a day to day basis."

    Benefits Realisation

    Benefits realisation was an important aspect of the project. As Integra project manager, Andrew Smith-West explains

    He said “We ensured at the start of the project that all expected benefits, both tactical and strategic, were defined and planned.

    "These benefits were subsequently tracked and reviewed at the Project Board throughout the project. Leicestershire Police started to realise many of the benefits immediately following Go-Live."

    A survey of the views of the Finance and Procurement Departments conducted after Go-Live showed that users already recognised a significant improvement in the system and identified a number of benefits. More than 88% of users who responded to the “What do you think of U4BW?” survey, stated that the system is “very user friendly."

    “It is quicker than Sage 500 , and is easier to use.

    The screens are more adaptable and it is quicker to extract and interpret information."

    An integrated workflow system has replaced the previous manual processes and paper systems, with document management reducing the need for storage.

    The purchasing module is already providing business support efficiency savings.

    One key user stated “There is now much less paper to lose.

    "It’s easy to retrieve documents, which removes the need to search through physical paperwork, allowing for quicker response to queries.

    "Everything is sent by email resulting in a more efficient system – all of which saves time”

    Collaboration with Derbyshire Police Force

    Prior to the start of the project, the senior management of Leicestershire and Derbyshire forces had made a commitment to work collaboratively to drive out further cost savings and efficiencies.

    The two forces already operated a joint HR service centre and payroll team. Leicestershire were therefore looking to build upon these arrangements and extend the partnership into the IT system for financial management. (Derbyshire Police were already a Unit4 Business World (Agresso) user and an Integra client)

    “We are now working closely with several emergency services across the country.

    "This sector is strategically important to us, and we are pleased with the success of this project, and pleased that Leicestershire Police Force are realising the benefits.

    “By implementing the Financial Management System the Force have benefitted from an easy-to-use system, delivering high levels of functionality, automation and management information.”

    Mark Bloomer

    Managing Director of Integra Associates

    As well as Leicestershire and Derbyshire's Police forces, we have also completed a roll-out for Devon and Cornwall, as well as having developed a generic rostering solution for fleet maintenance and rolled it out to the South Wales Police Force.

    We see collaboration as an important business driver for police forces and emergency services, but recognise that collaboration doesn’t just happen; it requires work and commitment to establish.

    We are able to provide independent consultancy, allowing emergency organisations to agree on a combined road map and help organisations achieve their objectives, that can be delivered to an agreed plan.

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