Emergency Services ERP

    "The Integra consultants were excellent in providing a detailed project structure, which included the tasks that needed to be completed during each stage of the system implementation and the key milestones.

    "The ‘assisted build’ approach has resulted in a system tailored to our needs, while the accountancy staff also possess the skills required to manage the system on a day to day basis."

    Project Board & Team

    Leicestershire Police Force

    With lives on the line, emergency services not only need world class workforce management solutions, they also require industry-leading expertise in order to understand their requirements, factors which we brought to the Leicestershire Police Force Unit4 Business World (Agresso) project.

    Knowing how best to implement, configure, and if needs be, integrate systems is of utmost important to those within the emergency service sector, and is the reason why many opt to utilise our services time and again.

    Emergency Services Customers