Ian Boulton

    Name: Ian Boulton

    Job Title: ERP Project Manager

    Experience: Ian started his career working in AS/400 Operational Support and then as a AS/400 Developer for a national retail company.

    He then gradually moved into various industries, working as Head of IT and as an ERP Project Manager. His experience covers a number of ERP implementations in Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution and Engineering, both on a national and global scale.

    Hobbies: Horse riding, dog showing, sub aqua driving, cooking and traditional Bitter drinking.

    Sports: Rugby, Golf, and anything Horse related

    Favourite musicians: Paul Weller, Sting, MPeople and The Rolling Stones

    Favourite authors: Dan Brown and Chris Kuzneski

    Favourite holiday destinations: Austria, Florida, Spain or Cuba

    Interesting fact about yourself: Ian speaks fluent Spanish